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November 27, 2023
Product Updates

As companies grow and evolve, so do their challenges and risks. Anzen, a trailblazer in tech-driven executive risk solutions, provides businesses with more than insurance. We provide the tools and guidance for proactive risk management. We sat down with Rita Dairi, Senior Product Manager at Anzen, to discuss how technology is reshaping the insurance landscape and the unique edge Anzen offers in the market.

Q1: What motivated Anzen's focus of a tech-driven approach in insurance, and how has this move been received by your broker partners and clients?

Rita: Insurance in its nature is reactive. Insurance is purchased to manage the impact if/when a claim happens. At Anzen we don't think being reactive is enough, so we decided to embark on building tools that help identify areas of exposure proactively and learn how to manage them. This approach has really resonated with our broker partners and clients not only as a strong differentiator in the market, but also because their clients are being given the tools they need to mitigate risk.

Q2: Can you highlight a specific tech tool or feature that Anzen offers which has been particularly impactful in helping companies manage their risks?

Rita: Anzens AI driven document auditor ensures that onboarding documents such as Offer Letters, Employee Handbooks, Confidentiality Agreements, etc., are in line with federal and state best practices. Anzens AI is able to identify gaps or opportunities for improvement in those key documents. Offer Letters are one of the first opportunities companies have to expose themselves to liability, Anzen helps to remove that liability.

Q3: Anzen places significant emphasis on its broker partnerships. How does the technology aspect of Anzen empower these brokers to offer better solutions to their clients?

Rita: Anzen values its brokers. In a dense landscape of insurance offerings, Anzen has created an opportunity to help their brokers provide the best value for their customers through a differentiated product that goes beyond coverage by packaging our insurance products with a powerful risk management tool.

Q4: In what ways do you believe Anzen's tech-driven solutions are reshaping the broader insurance landscape?

Rita: Anzen is bringing innovation and awareness into the insurance landscape. We are setting the standard of the value insurance products should provide, because a tool like ours hasn’t existed in the marketplace before. Our platform acts as a proactive line of defense by ensuring that all HR documentation related to employment contracts and termination processes is accurate and complete. By continuously monitoring employee documentation, we help you avoid costly legal battles and maintain a positive work environment.

Q5: Are there any upcoming technological advancements or features that Anzen is excited to roll out in the near future?

Rita: We have two exciting updates coming soon:

  1. Sexual Harassment Training - Brokers can now provide their clients with direct access to trainings they are required to take to fulfill state regulations without having to search out additional tools.
  2. Broker Portal - This portal will allow brokers to visualize real-time state of submissions, quick delivery of quotes, along with insights and recommendations.

Q6: For businesses that are new to management liability protection, how can they best utilize Anzen's tech tools to ensure a safer and more compliant environment?

Rita: Anzen’s tech tools identify exposure areas, ensuring a safer and compliant environment without the tedious manual effort.

Anzen's commitment to leveraging technology for proactive risk management offers a fresh perspective in the insurance industry. With our unique approach and tech-driven solutions, businesses can look forward to a future where insurance isn't just a safety net but a tool for growth and stability.

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